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Huggable Lips


  There comes a time where you want to throw your matte lipstick out the window!  Although matte lip colors look fantastic on any pout, it can leave behind a feel of caked on lips that are dry.  We’re celerbating the new year, along with MAC Cosmetics, their newest lip line, Huggable Lipcolour.  This color provides a glossy finish that stays put for six hours. Lips will stay smooth, moisturized, and most importantly, kissable! With 12 colors to choose from,…

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Take the Night Off


It’s time to take a night off from the constant event invites, unending work, and continuous social gatherings.  Sometimes, the night needs to be just about you – hence why we thought it was important to give you the seven bath essentials to create the perfect atmosphere for a night in. 1. DNKY Seven Easy Pieces Robe:: An exceptionally soft knit to wrap in when youre prepping your bath and cozy up once your’e done!  We love the fluid draping…

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DIY:: Bath Fizzies

bath fizzies

Bath fizzies – a simple gift that is budget friendly and everyone could use.  Martha Stewart (the queen of homemaking and diys) gives a great recipe to making your own bath fizzies at home. Follow along these three easy steps and voila! Gifts that everyone and you can enjoy! Ingredients:: 1. Baking Soda 2 Cornstarch 3. Citric Acid 4. Spritzer Bottles 5. Food Coloring 6. Glass Bowl 7. Essential Oil 8. Baking Molds Directions:: 1. Sift 1 3/4 cup baking soda,…

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Think with Your Hands


With the overwhelming amount of technology that is on the market, it make us miss a solid pen and notebook in our hands.  This is where you say hello to Pencil, the latest tool by 53 that mimics the exact qualities of a pencil but with all the high tech advancements you would want.  53 created this unique tool because ultimately, “Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper” (paper being 53’s tablet).  The Pencil…

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Hand Cream First Kit


Dry hands are just unpleasant.  Not only are cracked hands painful, but unseemly when shaking hands and greeting others.  Save yourself from this common winter downfall by making sure to slather your hands with moisturizer and prevent dry hands .  Put your best hand forward with these hand creams. Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream::  We are calling in the pro’s when it comes to extreme dry hands.  Not only is there lotion amazing for the body, but we trust them…

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Hats & Scarves

hat and scarf

One of our favorite parts of the colder seasons is breaking out our winter wear. Unlike the East Coast where hats and scarves are necessary to keep warm, the West Coast have a little more freedom to dress up our outfits with these accessories just for the sole reason of looking “cute”. Regardless, hats and scarves are fun to dress up in and make up feel like we really have a winter in sunny Los Angeles. Take a look through…

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