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Contouring Made Simple


Do you ever wonder how celebrities always seem to have such flawless faces, higher cheekbones, more defined noses, and overall a more symmetrical face. Well their secret is out and it’s called contouring.

If you have ever taken an art class, then you know contouring is about using shadows and light, using darker shades to push an area inward and lighter shades to pull an area outward. When using contouring as a technique when applying your makeup, you’re able to reshape the face and achieve an overall more symmetrical look.

Beauty Buy::


My weapons of choice for contouring are bronzer and a good angled brush. When choosing a bronzer the perfect amount warmth is essential. Also your going to want to make sure to stay away from bronzers that are orange or have to much shimmer in them, a little shimmer is ok. A few of my favorite bronzers are Smashbox’s Sutans Matte and Benefits Hoola. When choosing an angled brush your going to want a brush with real hair (goat hair) opposed to a brush with synthetic hair because application of bronzer will go on smoother. My favorite are MAC’s #168 and Sephora’s contour brush.

Application & Technique::

contourphotoThe diagram above is a great guide to use for contouring, the pink shading in the diagram is where your going to want to apply bronzer.

First figure out what type of shape your face is. For example, I have more of a diamond shape face so I apply my bronzer to the area right in front of the ears downward into the hollows of the cheeks doing this softens my cheekbones and makes my face look more symmetrical.

Quick Tips::

Swirl your brush around in your bronzer powder – always make sure you have enough product on your brush.  Make sure to tap off any excess powder. Keep in mind your going to want to use a soft hand when applying product and always take a step back and look at your work; bronzer should always look natural, never any harsh lines.

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