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chelsHome & Hosting Editor:: Chelsea Matthews. Chelsea is the Founder of Matte Black, a culture marketing firm based in Los Angeles. She is also design obsessed – working on interior design projects, avidly pinning on Pinterest & blogging for Matte Black Design. She’s inspired to create uniquely designed environments for the 20 to 30-something who may just be tackling their first apartment or buying their first home, working creatively with smaller budgets while still achieving chic, upscale environments. Read More>> | Follow Chelsea on Twitter @chelseamatthews

jackieHome & Hosting Contributor: Jackie Muenstermann. Being in love with fashion, culture, the arts and media, Jackie is able to bring a broad perspective to her different projects.  Some would say she is inspired too easily, but that’s what keeps her on her toes and in the know!  Jackie was born in Dallas, TX and grew up near Palm Beach, FL; however Los Angeles stole her heart in 2009 with its crazy sort of charm and energizing atmosphere.  She quickly became attached will always be inspired here. Read More>> | Follow Jackie on Twitter @jacsm


Home & Hosting Contributor:: Pauline Van Valin got her start in the crafting world nearly 7 years ago when she started creating custom photo collage albums for clients in Los Angeles. Her obsession with paper crafts segued her into a business encompassing everything from scrapbooks and shadowboxes to paper goods for weddings, soirees and kid parties. She has made it a mission to seek out the next best thing in the DIY world and pass on her tricks and tips.

ToriSpringerHome & Hosting Contributor:: Tori Springer. Tori’s professionalism and creative skills have joined forces with her exquisite style and celebrity personal assisting background to create simply simplify. Tori’s background in managing ever-changing, modern and exceptionally fast-paced lifestyles has allowed her to recognize the importance of day-to-day organization and has provided her with unrivaled experience in conceptualizing unique ways to keep others organized within their personal and realistic boundaries with her company, Simply Simplify. Read More>> | Follow Tori on Twitter @SimplySimplify


alexwikoffHealth & Beauty Contributor:: Alex Wikoff.  Alex was born and raised in Texas and moved to Boston for college, where she graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelors in Print Journalism.  As a recent L.A. resident, she is quickly adapting to the sunny side of California! She focuses on bringing light to the latest in health and beauty, as well as spotlighting brands and companies with great global impact. Read More>> | Follow Alex on Instagram @alexwikoff

annaHealth & Beauty Contributor:: Anna Stimson. Anna Stimson is a Portland born model turned entrepreneur. After putting her roots down in L.A and having a shamelessly addictive run with modeling, the Maui babe subsequently started her very own nail styling services, all while showing that she’s got much more to offer than the body of a sinner and the face of an angel. The best part is, with already having celebrity clients and many other credits under her belt in her first few years in the business – this edgy dame is just getting started. Read More>> | Follow Anna on Twitter @BABYCAK3S

HeatherFunkBeauty Contributor:: Heather Funk.  Heather is a licensed, insured Esthetician in California & Nevada offering over a decade of experience at luxurious Resort Spas, Medical Spas and Plastic Surgery offices all over southern California. Heather’s deeply therapeutic knowledge in health, profound understanding of cutting edge medical technologies, commitment to organic products, and deeply nourishing touch leaves all her clients positively glowing and transformed one-of-a-kind facials. Read More>> | Follow Heather on Twitter @BeautyCallLa

melissaBeauty Contributor:: Melissa Perelli. Melissa has taken her love of makeup and skincare from behind the cosmetic counters onto the sets of music videos, film, and online series. She gained invaluable training and working side-by-side with some of the best global & national artists working today, including Thuy Pham, Kevianno Guerro, Barbie Laurino, and Jeffrey Tasker. Her background of product knowledge is impressive, and her educational advice and tips to readers make her reviews fresh and fun to read. Read More>> | Follow Melissa on Instagram @makeupmel8

SarahMaxwellBeauty Contributor:: Sarah Maxwell.  Sarah’s unique outlook and devotion towards her work has given Sarah a respected name among her peers and clients alike.  Her ability to attend to the slightest detail and the pride she approaches every aspect of her craft has created lasting relationships with many celebrities and advertising campaigns for Coca-Cola, Gillette and Victoria Secret.   Sarah’s fusion of humor, approachability and understanding set her apart backstage at the CHANEL show and continue to be instrumental on more recent projects such as editorials for Vogue and Zink magazines.   Read More>> | Follow Sarah on Twitter at @sarahmaxwellmua

shannellaBeauty Contributor:: Shannella Dupuis.  With over eight years of experience, Shannella got her start in the makeup industry when she was hired by MAC cosmetics at seventeen.  Shortly after being hired, Shannella became a Retail Manager for MAC Cosmetics where she underwent extrensive training, facilitated numerous masterclasses and helped with the opening of several locations for the company throughout the Los Angeles area.  She left MAC Cosmetics in 2011 to pursue her career full time as a freelance makeup artist and has expanded into all aspects of media makeup including fashion, television, film, and print.  Read More>> | Follow Shannella on Twitter @ShannellaMUA


jennyStyle & Design Editor:: Jenny Bernheim. Jenny finds herself on a daily adventure to discover new fashion trends and visually translates her findings into the pages of Lily+Jasper where she focuses on the drool worthy items we have come to love. Her sense of style is very colorful, print-heavy, eclectic, and most of all comfortable.  Don’t believe us? Then have a look at her personal street style blog. Read More >> | Follow Jenny on Twitter @iammargoandme

KAITLINcontribportraitStyle & Design Contributor:: Kaitlin Mount. Kaitlin is a pop culture junkie hailing from Portland, Oregon. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue an education at FIDM and has gained fashion industry experience through working a number of events and runway shows for LA Fashion Week as well as collaborating with emerging stylists and designers. She currently works as a part-time blogger and freelance photographer. Read More >> | Follow Kaitlin on Twitter @kaitlinmonroe

KaylaSheerinStyle & Design Contributor:: Kayla Sheerin. Kayla is constantly staying updated with the latest trends and mashes it up  into her own sense of style and executes it into her everyday styling job. She never stop learning and makes that a top priority when interning for various fashion-related companies. Her sense of style can be described as an explosion of femininity with  a slight edge.  Read More >> | Follow Kayla on Twitter @kaylasmarie

MakenzieStyle & Design Contributor:: Makenzie Koyen. After making the move from Seattle to Los Angeles, Makenzi Koyen earned her degree in merchandise marketing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. The aspiring actress & writer spends the majority of her time reading fashion editorials, drinking green tea and daydreaming of her travel endeavors. Now pursuing her Bachelors degree at FIDM in business management she hopes to break out into the fashion world with her own voice loud enough for everyone to hear. Follow Makenzie on Twitter @mkoyen


heatherdorakHealth Contributor:: Heather Dorak. Heather Dorak is the founder and owner of Pilates Platinum in Southern California. The wellness wunderkind and fitness entrepreneur first discovered the formal practice of Joseph Pilates fitness regimen after sustaining an injury as a UCLA dance student. Although doors closed on a dance career, Heather founded Lagree Fitness and created Spinlates, a blend of spin and pilates workout classes. Clients include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere and many more. Heather’s Pilates Platinum now has four location : Hollywood, Santa Monica, Brentwood and Venice Beach. Read More>> | Follow Heather on Twitter @pilatesplatinum

LisaMoloshokHealth Contributor:: Lisa Moloshok. Lisa Moloshok, left the world of Hollywood for the world of fitness, going from a Hollywood executive to a certified personal trainer. Her power sculpting/sweat drenching SPX classes at Pilates Plus West Hollywood have garnered her popularity amongst LA’s elite fitness junkies as well as awards as one of one of RACKEDLA’s Hottest Trainers of LA 2012 and RATE YOUR BURN LA’s 20 Best Pilates Instructors of the Year 2012. Lisa is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with certifications in Pre/Post Natal, Youth Fitness, TRX and Weight Management.  Read More>> | Follow Lisa on Twitter @lisamoloshok


iatgYou Inspire Us:: I AM THAT GIRL. IATG focuses on bringing awareness to to the dominant role media plays in influencing girls’ perception of the world around them. They are building community and providing girls with a space to consume healthy media, so that girls can silence their crippling self-doubt long enough for girls to think for themselves, discover their voice and speak their truth. This community that provokes meaningful and mindful conversations enables girls to have a higher sense of self worth. Read More>> | Follow IATG on Twitter @iamthatgirl

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