Do Good.


Willa Creative Agency, the parent company to Lily+Jasper, would like to share our ELEVATE initiative with you. It is a work in progress with the goal to launch in 2014. We, at Willa Creative Agency and Lily+Jasper, aspire to develop a brand that focuses on developing healthy media towards women and giving back through community, inspirational messaging and donations. The inspiration of this mission is the organization I AM THAT GIRL, who we have partnered with to spread positive messaging to women all around the world through powerful outlets.

Our ELEVATE initiative focuses on:

  • Developing healthy media towards women, where the underlying message is to never judge, discriminate or gossip, but to always uplift and inspire.
  • Supporting our organizations through press, donations and raising goals.
  • Developing support systems and communities for women that inspires conversations that matter.
  • Developing a community of online platforms with the same ideals that benefit the beneficiaries of ELEVATE. (To learn more about becoming an ELEVATE approved website or to become a brand partner within the ELEVATE online network, please contact
  • Helping up-and-coming content developers, bloggers and editorial sites, pro-bono, to get started with their own website full of healthy media towards women.

Here is the NOW. Our online shop currently donates 10% each month to our partner I AM THAT GIRL so they can continue to shine their light on all the women of the world.  


To Learn more about I AM THAT GIRL please visit their website:


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