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Hand Cream First Kit



Dry hands are just unpleasant.  Not only are cracked hands painful, but unseemly when shaking hands and greeting others.  Save yourself from this common winter downfall by making sure to slather your hands with moisturizer and prevent dry hands .  Put your best hand forward with these hand creams.

Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream::  We are calling in the pro’s when it comes to extreme dry hands.  Not only is there lotion amazing for the body, but we trust them to treat the worse cases in dry and rough hands.  The cream is thick, intensely moisturizes and last up to 48 hours, providing long time release.

L’Occitane Hand Cream::  A classic choice in hand creams, this formula is a guarantee to provide the softest hands with a combination of the purest plant oils, 20% of shea butter, a slight lemon zest scent and a formula that absorbs quickly.  Best part is that these come in travel size, so you’ll always have one to toss in your bag when you’re on the go.

Soap & Glory Hand Food:: Why do we love this one?  Besides its budget price and spunky bottle, it’s a non-greasy formula that immediately softens skin with shea butter, macadamaia oil, and marshmallow.  Plus the perfumey scent lasts all day long.

 Jurlique Rose Hand Cream:: We feel so much more like a lady when we apply this luxurious hand cream.  We love the delicate rose scent, but what we love even more is the silky finish the cream leaves behind.  It’s made with safflower-seed oil, sweet almond oil, and macadamia ternifolia oil ( to hydrate), vitamin E (protects skin from free radicals), carrot-root extract and aloe vera (to soften).

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream:: Believe it or not, this hand cream started with the Norwegian fishermen and we can believe they knew what chapped hands were all about. The non-greasy formula gives immediate release to parched skin and leaves behind a velvety finish.  Use this cream if you are looking for prevention too!


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