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Take the Night Off



It’s time to take a night off from the constant event invites, unending work, and continuous social gatherings.  Sometimes, the night needs to be just about you – hence why we thought it was important to give you the seven bath essentials to create the perfect atmosphere for a night in.

1. DNKY Seven Easy Pieces Robe:: An exceptionally soft knit to wrap in when youre prepping your bath and cozy up once your’e done!  We love the fluid draping and shorter length.

2. Fresh Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel::  Start your bubble bath by lathering up in a skin-nourishing gel with a slight citrus scent.

3. Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Scrub:: Indulge in this scrub that will reveal polished skin.

4. Target Exclusive MELT Midnight Mist Boxed Candle::  What’s a bath without dimmed lights and candles? Try Vanilla Buttercream scent to really indulge in the sweetness of relaxing

5. Uncle Harry’s Epsom Salts:: Soothe aching muscles after a long day of work by adding epsom salts to your bath.

6. Jawbone JamBox:: Play soft tunes in the background with Jawbone’s JamBox.  It connects directly to your phone via bluetooth so there are no cords to get in the way!

7.  Loofah Bath Brush::  An obvious choice. Rejuvenate your skin with a loofah.  The extra long handle makes it easier to enjoy all-over-exfoliation.

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